Something you'd like to rent that you can't find?
Big speakers for shorter rentals.
Fridges | Food getting a little too cramped in your fridge? Bottles stacked precariously on top another? EMOCCO fridges are just a few clicks away.
Coffee Machines | Coffee-capsule machines to help you make it through the term the quickest and cheapest way possible.
Speakers | Boomboxes big and small, for any occasion.
Input devices
Cameras | Whether you want to snap a landscape or perfect your knowledge of chiaroscuro, we ought to have something to suit the task.
Other Kitchen Supplies | Browse our kitchen inventory and rent items to keep hunger at bay. Equally, check out our bundle range if you need just about everything, for a fraction of the cost.
Irons | When you have 20+ hours of lectures in a week, the one thing that should not be on your mind are crinkles and wrinkles. Check out our Irons to help you looking fresh and crisp around the town.
Vacuum Cleaners
Heating, Venting and Cooling
Sport and Fitness